Passport, Birth Passport and Birth Certificate.

Please see a list of our supported and unsupported countries click here

Yes, you can use your card anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Once you have completed all the necessary sign up requirements and KYC, A virtual card is generated instantly and the order for printing is submitted. Your card will be shipped to you within two weeks.

Yes, you can use your card anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

24/7 Fraud monitoring is included and mandatory for all B-Money card accounts. Cardholders should take extra precautions to ensure that their personal information including pin# is secure.

lock your card via the mobile app, website or contacting support via the number on the back of your card. Replacement cards cost $25

Users can have one card per currency.

Card holders that did not complete the KYC have a limit of $1000 USD withdrawals per day.  Customer who have completed the KYC have a withdrawal limit of !0,000 USD per day.

Please see the full list on fees on our product page or click here

Currently we support USD and EUR. We will be adding a multitude of fiat currencies in the near future.

The BMoney app is currently under construction. Once completed it will be available on both apple and Android devices on googles play store and Itunes.